United States give warning travel in many countries

The US State Department has recommends travelers not to visit places as the Philippines, Nepal, Myanmar … in the near future.

Based on the weather situation, politics, crime in tourist hotspots, the US State Department recommends travelers to pay attention or do not reach the following locations:

Avoid traveling south Philippines

Group travelers kidnapped in the Philippines end of last September. Photo: Lonely Planet.

The US State Department recommends travelers should consider when intended to the southern Philippines, along the coast of Sabah, Malaysia and the island of Sulu to Zamboanga City, Mindanao. The reason is that the situation of terrorism and insurgency are still complex. Especially in the southern Sulu seas, the abduction of foreigners continues to rage. According to the report, Mindanao has recorded at least 15 kidnappings in the past 9 months.

Cyclone season in the South Pacific

Tropical cyclones in the South Pacific start at 11/1 and will continue until the end of the day 04.30.2016. The US State Department warns tourists and people should consult local weather conditions before traveling to come here.

Management Department Oceanic and Atmospheric countries recommend people living and traveling in the region vulnerable to hurricanes and tropical cyclones should be prepared to respond to previous disaster situations that may occur. Tropical cyclones often accompanied by dangerous winds, storm surges, floods, and landslides. Streets may submerge, adversely affect travel or airport and endangering the travelers.

Danger still gumshoe in Nepal

Nepal was really safe for you to visit, climbing? Photo: cheapest destinations blog.

The earthquake 4/25 days and aftershocks that many areas become unstable, steep slopes and serious landslides occurred in many places affected. The monsoon rains starting in June and ending most recently in September can still erratic movements in the future. Many roads near the trekking has been blocked and impassable. The recommendation says that although the travel company open return ticket Nepal but the country does not mean it is safe. Guests absolutely not go alone, should have detailed schedule and prepare thoroughly before you leave.

A sensitive moment in Myanmar

A sensitive moment in Myanmar in the upcoming election in Burma (scheduled to take place on 11/8), visitors are advised not to travel here. This warning is in effect until 12/20 this year. Guests in Myanmar this time should be careful, especially during the elections.

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