Travel Tips Bali super comfortable but savings

Nor those with higher income can go to Bali. Here are ways to save money so you can enjoy life here with little pockets of their abundance.

For believers, the Bali tourism is a paradise destination. Here comes the luxurious spa, lavish resorts. But to meet all of that, you also have to have pile of cash. But not those who have income people cannot come here. Here are ways to save money so you can enjoy Bali with little pockets of their abundance.

Airline tickets. At the holidays, fares airline go to Bali often particularly high, so forget about the weekend or holidays. You should book tickets on weekdays and before a period far. You’ll be able to get tickets bargain hunting.

The low-cost carrier as Airways, Jetstar and AirAsia will fly to Bali’s Denpasar airport and most of them go three carrier. But many firms as Indonesia’s Lion Air is also very affordable price.

Do not go and most of all most the same airline. You can hunt this afternoon and evening travel agency about others as long as it is cheap.

Get tickets ahead of time hunting you vacation long enough to have the cheapest tickets.

Visit. Many visitors to Bali just to watch the sea and to the music bar. But here is a sea sightseeing but it also has many sightseeing items. If you only watch the sea come here it’s a waste of money. Here are some cheap cherry are sightseeing in Bali:

Monkey Forest

Tanah Lot

Uluwatu Temple

Elephant Safari Park

Kintamani and Mount Batur volcano: Free

Bali has many places to visit than just the sea.

Food. Bali is an island where the local economy relies heavily on tourism, so that the food here would be more expensive than other parts of Indonesia. If you eat at the restaurant in Seminyak luxurious, can expect to pay up to $ 20 for a meal.

So to save you the most, you go eat at small restaurants and food are even better. A meal at a restaurant nasi campur will not exceed $ 3.5 for each person even less. In the street cafes will only cost $ 1.6 .

Choose street food or small restaurants will save more cost.

Motel. Accommodation in Bali can lavish or simple according to your needs, it will, depending on the price. You can pay thousands of dollars for a night of luxury with comfortable rooms beach or simply own one night and $ 10 for a normal living room.

The biggest challenge has accommodation in the area. Seminyak is home to all kinds of entertainment, bars, clubs and restaurants. Ubud is also cheaper, far from the beach but close to the temple, near the town and view the jungle.

Boarding house in Bali with affordable but also very clean facilities.

Transportation. Most people move around Bali by taxi or hired car and driver. With 2 this means much cheaper taxi, 10km only cost about $ 4.50. Or cheaper is renting motorcycles, only $ 5 per day.

Another option is to hire tour guide accompanying vehicles. Type of transport seems most convenient. Many tourism companies leasing this form and you will only pay around $ 28.5 / day, depending on your itinerary. Remember to bargain for cheaper rates. (According to Asiaone)

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