Top best new restaurants in Singapore

In spite of new restaurant, they attract many tourists around the world by delicious foods.

According to the survey of Mastercard diet habit in 2014, Singapore citizen spend 198usd for outside meals per month – just lower than Hongkong’s, 218usd.

That is the reason why there are so many new restaurants in Singapore opened. Corner House is one of the best new restaurants in Singapore. This restaurant locates in Singapore Botanic Gardens, and famous with many delicious dishes made by 57 years of experience in food. In addition, Corner House is also a place for vegetable addicts.

Kakure (Ki – sho) is a Japanese restaurant, there are so many original delicious dishes. But Kakure’s area is small, so you should book the table before coming to get best services.

Lollapalooza attracts table companions by season foods. Special, you will have chance to enjoy many smoked dishes with wine. It’s so tasty.

Rhubarb is the ideal destination for French cuisine addicts. This restaurant not only has many delicious dishes, but also subtle decoration.

Sorrel is controlled by a young chief, Johnston Teo. The flexibility in menu is the different thing from other new restaurant, which attract many tourist and customer. Because of this strategy, customer never see boring.

Chef Kang is a Chinese restaurant. The dishes of restaurant is cooked by an official Guangdong chief. Although the price of these dishes is a little high, people choose Chef Kang is their option in food because of delicious and tasty food.

Pince and Pints is the restaurant that is loyal with one ingredient in menu. These dishes is just made from Atlantic lobster. However, the customer never see boring, lobster is made in many different delicious way, like: grill, steam or fry.

Cure is a popular restaurant. The chief of Cure is Singapore Andrew Walsh. He is a master in making dishes from salmon and Scotland almond.

Maggie Joan is a restaurant had original and strange-looking decoration. When visitors come in Maggie Joan , they will be enjoyed the delicious dishes, like egg brined with saffron, grilled chesnut and cheese.

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