The top 10 strangest laws in American

Visitors to America should remember not chasing birds on the highway in Utah or not letting your hands when cycling in Wisconsin.

When intending to a new land, the first thing to do is learn the rules there. Surely you will be surprised to read the following rules in the US because they are quite special. Here are statistics from MNN page:

Alaska is the largest state of America, located near the North Pole so frequent freezing weather. Maybe so, but with the love of animals, the state proposed to ban dog owners sit on the roof.

Birds have the right to move on the highway.

Utah contains many amazing things, from the vast national parks in the spectacular valley. Visit the rules here is equally interesting when birds are moving right on the highway, so you do not fool boos chased them.

The United States have laws about hunting. For example, in California and Tennessee, whales are the only species that people are allowed to watch the fire from a car.

In Florida, if you want to guide the elephant ride, you have to pay as a car, when to them in that hour parking meter.

Chico in California is known as the “city of roses” should go where you also get to admire this flower. Meanwhile, there are absolutely no plants are “faceless” street in Chico, which is rutabaga. Those who planted rutabagas must always remember not letting them grow in two roadside.

Planting trees is a very useful work for the environment. But in Blairstown, New Jersey does not allow the street tree planting. Maybe people here are only put passion in your backyard cultivation.

Wisconsin has a quiet peaceful beauty. Driving strolls around enjoying the view of nature would be very interesting. If you travel by bike, you have to remember that state law does not allow both hands when the motor is running.

Galesburg City, Illinois, is also a very strict control of the vehicle on the road. You will be fined if adventurous performances and street bikes.

Trash will not even be put in the automobile.

Hilton Head, South Carolina is attracting tourists because of both a relaxing place to rest, just have all these places for you to explore the cultural history. But here, you have to remember not to any piece of trash in the car.

In the city of Minnetonka, Minnesota has regulations on the cleanliness of the car even more sorrowful. You will have a problem if your car leaves stains or mud in the street. (According to Ngoisao)

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