The quiet beauty of Australia wild life heritage

Not many people know about the stunningly quiet beauty of Australia wildlife.

Tasmania wilderness world heritage, one of the 6 national park that cover one fifth the area of the southern peak state of Australia is also one of the only two places that fit 7 out of 10 conditions to be on Unesco heritage list

SouthWest national park is 6 km2 large, covered in the greens of various trees  , moutains, freezing lake and beastly river.It also has many tropical rainforest and wide open grass field to the South-West  of Apple Isle

Every year, september is the season of monstrous rains and stormy weather.This special place has only ever welcome 2 group of tourists which are annual 100 travellers and the kayakers , all of the visit begins from December to March.

Lake Oberon in Western Arthur

Roaring 40’s is one of the only traveling company allowed to work in Tasmania. They organize kayaking tour span from 3 to 7 days, going through the exposed waters of Port Davey, to the remotest wildlife palace of SouthWest national park

The kayaking group took a whole morning to reach Melaleucua , continue to the north , entering Bathurst Habour then go west.

The coast of Port Davey includes high, steep rocks root tightly below the sea, surround by small bays and tiny islands fit for kayaking. collect

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