The ideal city for Christmas

Amsterdam, Moscow, Sydney, Tokyo … are names that are page Skyscanner suggested to at Christmas 2016.

Amsterdam, Holland

Here visitors will enjoy a scrumptious almond cake, see crafts and watch to music at the Christmas market. You should also spend some time walking around the city to admire the glittering strip lights and ancient houses built from the 16th century, 17.

Prague, Czech Republic

At Christmas markets bustle, visitors are comfortable choosing crafts, decorative and appealing foods like barbecue skewer, trdelnik (hot sugarcoated bread), svarak (hot wine). National Theatre and Opera House is also the place to visit.

Alsace, France

At Christmas, Alsace attracts visitors with wooden houses, fairs, biscuits and beer, the performances of hymns and light show. Go to Strasbourg to visit the capital of Christmas markets and the region’s oldest high Christmas tree in Europe is one experience not to be missed.

Coburg, Germany

Besides the old houses, Coburg is also known for the traditional Christmas markets and road toys. Here, you are satisfied to watch wooden toys, baskets of wool and glass objects. Travelers should also not overlook the attractive street food like gluhwein (a wine), Lebkuchen (gingerbread Germany) and grilled pork sausage type Coburg.

Riga, Latvia

The first Christmas tree was erected in 1510 here. In Riga have a lot Christmas markets for selling items like furniture, wool, amber jewelry, wooden toys, wine, roasted almonds, gingerbread coated with milk…

Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw is the ideal place for a winter with sparkling light strips, colorful decorations and typical dishes of Christmas Eve as pastries, cheese, honey, pudding. Then you can play hard for Christmas dinner and tasting of 12 traditional dishes here.

From the cherry cake and apple giant for 800 people to ice bath, huge lake, Moscow gives visitors a unique experience. Christmas here was held on 7/1 (the old Julian calendar), you will have the opportunity to hear about Jesus birth and those prolonged chant incessantly.

Zurich, Switzerland

The Christmas Songs sweet taste of cinnamon, wine and countless other interesting things create a lovely holiday in the city of Zurich. Here, you can watch the scenery float kids hundreds of boats floating on the river Limmart.

Sydney, Australia

End of the year is the summer in Australia, but not so that the Christmas festival in Sydney less bustle. Headed to the beach (as Bondi) to participate in the feast with pool and barbecue. You can also watch the giant tree in Martin Place, immersed in the music program and photographed with light woods in Pitt Street Mall.

Tokyo, Japan

Coming to Tokyo, you will be mesmerized by the light tunnel at Kobe Luminarie, giant statues on St. Nicholas or Christmas tree farm in Keiyaki change Zaka light. As to the Roppongi Hills, you remember visiting a Christmas market Old World to enjoy German cuisine (beer, wine, biscuits twists, sausage, pork ribs) and ornaments European-style.

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