Swimming in the waters of the world

Madivies beaches, the lakes in California, Nevada (USA), the world famous tourist attraction thanks to the clear waters crystal title.


Verzasca valley, Switzerland: River of the same name to bring pure water flowing for 30 km length valley in northern Switzerland. A dam was erected to stop the flow and form the Breaking Vogorno, who appeared in the James Bond Golden Eyes.


Sabah, Malaysia: One other clear waters come from a distant state of the country Malaysia, covering the northern part of Borneo islands, surrounded by the islands rich ore deposits. This is a favorite of those who enjoy diving.


Pupu springs in New Zealand: Standing on the highest point of the South Island, in the Bay of Golden Bay, who took this photo exclaimed: 14,000 liters of water in the crystal was leaning away from the springs flowing every second.


Panari Island, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan: This is the most remote part of the land of cherry blossoms. The islands here are one of the leading tourist attractions for visitors love diving with the number of coral species and marine life are abundant.


Jiuzhaigou in Sichuan Province, China: A nature reserve, a world heritage site by UNESCO, famous Jiuzhaigou colorful pool system, multi-tiered waterfall and mountain peaks covered snow White.


Königssee, Germany: This photo is shared on the network but accurate information about landmarks in the photo are not clearly disclosed. Predict most people agree is Königssee, a lake in southern Bavaria, near the border with Germany – Austria.


Bak Bak Beach, Borneo, Malaysia: Water Lane in see through the bottom of the sea here is an opportunity for the professional photographer and amateur bloom.


Marjorie Lake, California, American: The color of the sky changes and surroundings make up a color picture changes constantly on the lake Marjorie. It looks like a natural pool, beautiful creation.


Maldives Islands: 26 atolls forming this stunning archipelago in the Indian Ocean. Cool waters cannot imagine life with rich fauna and flora in coral reefs have pulled countless tourists visit.


Rio Sucuri, Brazil: This is one of the rivers owns the world’s waters. The next tours are an indispensable part is important to experience diving in cooler waters.


Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA: The photograph had touched exclaimed my 30 years in Tahoe but this is the first time, I admire this amazing spectacle.


Linapacan Island, Palawan, Philippines: This is the country’s most remote provinces of the Philippines, home to beaches with extremely clear water.


Vung d’En-Vau cliff, France: Located on the southern coast of France, d’En Vau is a water-tight than Sormiou puddle rocky shores, but even more so to create the impression of striking and the crystal-clear as a mirror of water here.


Jenny Lake, Wyoming, USA: It is the ideal tourist destination for visitors who like to climb the pass wading streams. Although the machine is allowed to operate on the lake, but not so that the transparent waters here undisturbed.


Dog Island, San Blas, Panama: If you look at this picture, perhaps not least expect will suspect boat was treated with Photoshop tool to stand out on the water. But in reality, seawater infinity Dog Island in the morning.


Crater Lake, Oregon, USA: The penetration through the water of the lake reaches 43.3 m Crater – the highest in the world. Guests here can delight in the water of swimming pools by activities not prohibited.


Cayo Coco, Cuba: Tourist Island is located in northern coast of Cuba, connected to the mainland by a causeway over 27 km. The coral reefs and clear waters help this place become a favorite of guests interested in diving.


Primosten, Croatia: This place is famous for vast vineyard, next to the water in the lean pearl beach has been voted the most beautiful country Croatia.


Cala Macarelleta, Menorca, Spain: In the south end of the island of Menorca, one can only Cala Macarelleta beach by boat or on foot. This may be one of the best uncrowded beaches in Spain.


Lake Blue, New Zealand: Located in campus Nelson Lake National Park, as its name suggests, the Blue Lake property to the green waters and yet comfortable.

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