Norway,The most worth- living country in the world

According to the development program of the UN , Norway is, once again considered one of the most liveable countries on the planet.

It’s hard to believe that a place that’s famous with its barbecues , beaches and 40 degree celcius temperature at day , consecutively taking the lead in living standard ranking.

Here are a few examples as to what makes Norway so wonderful .

Free Educational System

Most of the universities and public colleges in Norway are funded by the government. Norwegians considers education a vital part in society .Free education also apply for foreign exchange students , so no matter where you originated from, you get a free pass to the nation knowledge bank of Norway.

No charge Funeral and Wedding procedure

Norwegians never have to worry about the cost of weddings and funerals , the local government will take care of all the costs for the people.

Happy dads

When a Norwegians man becomes a father , it also means his wife will get a 2 weeks subsidy from the government if they fit some conditions.

Also, about 90% Norwegians fathers get at least 12 weeks leave of absence. Norway also have a favorable maternity leave system for the moms.

Say no to car

While car is the main transportation in big cities of other countries, it will not be welcome in Norway city centers in 2019.

Yes to “gay marriage”

Just like most of the North Europe countries, freedom of sex is accepted in Norway. Gay marriage is legal from January 2019

Wealthy country

Norway has the biggest sovereignty fund in the world.

Publicity personal finance

Annually, Norway tax company announce  the details about the income and the wealthiness of Norwegians. collect

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