Nanjing-The city of kings

Nanjing was chosen by many ancient dynasties as their capital city , that’s where the name “the city of kings” originated from. Photographer Sun Chen brought us the aged beauty of Nanjing through many of his photos.

50 years of ages photographer Sun Chen spent most of his lifetime in Nanjing. He started to photograph the city from more than a decade ago, before the city stands on the verge of destruction. In the picture is Jimingsi, a road near Jiming pagoda, one of the best landscape in the whole Nanjing, especially in spring. Cherry blossom trees besides the road often bloom in March and last about 3 to 4 days.

Mr.Sun said :” One of the most beautiful place to go watch blooming cherry blossom is Jiming pagoda and Examination Hall, built from the republic time”

The Nanjing universities campuses have the most beautiful landscapes in the whole city .In the picture is the main campus of Southeast Universities .

Mr.Sun shared: “ My favorite campus is Nanjing University Campus. The class rooms is a mixture of Western and Eastern architecture, symmetric and artistic.It’s at its finest in autumn, when the yellowness of maidenhair leaves makes it more stunningly pleasing to the eyes”

Nanjing sport institute.

Building built in early 1949 styles.

Behind closed gates of presidential palace  is the most beautiful villa in Nanjing. Built in the mid 1300 , it has China traditional gardens and a mixture of architecture from different dynasties. It’s also a witness of Chinese history through times.

The whole Nanjing from Trung Son mountain.

Mr.Sun said it’s almost impossible to explain the beauty of a landscape through 1 picture so he often focuses on iconic things about the landscape.

The stone statue road in front of Minh Hieu tomb.

Outside of Khong Tuoc Temple

According to Mr.Sun , if you don’t clim Apricot Blossom hill to take winter photos then Ming dynasty wall is also a good place to take photos.

Autumn is considered to be the most beautiful season in Nanjing.

Nanjing city is going through a quick developing state, most of the ancients architectures are being destroyed. There are only a few building left on the South part of Nanjing where Mr.Sun grown up.

a picture inside Jiming pagoda.

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