Instagram disclose the ‘capital’ new cuisine

After surveying more than 100,000 images for a week, Photoworld bring out list city marked many delicious dishes popular with the world.

Bangkok – Macaron

Macaron cake is very popular in French, but its sweet flavor is becoming popular in Southeast Asia. In which, nearly 9% photo hashtag (label beginning with the character #) macaron belong to the people Bangkok, still at homeland France, this rate is only 6%.

Address hints: The shop such as Bake Story and Radio will bring visitors the macaron cakes like Hello Kitty, Angry Bird and Disney characters. If you want a little more refined, you let’s go to the Mandarin Oriental Shop to enjoy the taste of matcha green tea, pineapple and cumin.

Melbourne – Bread

Australia, Melbourne is the city occupy 8.8% photos labeled bread since the majority of which is a Vietnamese community here. Saigon is also the only city of Vietnam appeared in the top three places famous for this dish (5.1%).

Address: Melbourne has a innumerable Vietnamese restaurant serves delicious sandwiches. Try in Little Brother if you want a simple and classic cake, and Hanoi Hannah for diners likes the hawkers, Ba’get serve breakfast sandwiches with bacon and eggs.

Los Angeles – Bulgogi

When bulgogi became popular, Los Angeles has changed Seoul become the number one location (9.2%) to enjoy this dish. Grilled beef Korean style appearance popular on Instagram in New York, Portland and London.

Address: If you want to try traditional bulgogi, you can go to a restaurant Bulgogi  Hut and BBQ zones. For those who prefer an alternative, try the bulgogi sandwich in Mendocino Farms or bulgogi tacos at Chili Cha Cha.

London – Burger

There will be no surprise that New York and Los Angeles in the 5 cities top are labeled the photo with burger cake many most in the world. However, London is also located on this list, with 4.7%.

Address: the people enjoy a simple burger go to Honest Burger or Patty & Bun (both of which has many branches). You should also try beef burger with bacon and Gruyere jam in Tredwells, one of London’s newest restaurants. They still serve delicious vegetarian burger.

Sydney – Pierogi

While the pierogi photos were taken in Warsaw and Wroclaw most, a large number hashtag coming from Sydney (9.2%), where more than 16,000 km from Poland.

Address: Sydney has some Polish restaurant very delicious. At Na Zdrowie, a pie pierogi including mushrooms, sauerkraut, onion stew, bacon and buckwheat.

Milan – Sushi

The city accounts for 2.7% of photo tagging sushi on the world and No. 4 in the rankings.

Address: You should not miss the sushi menu in a restaurant Iyo. The chef creative constant to make available the attractive sushi like salmon, quail eggs or tuna belly and foie gras. (According to CnTraveller)

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