Facts about America most Americans think they know?

Nearly 70% of Americans have no idea where Yellowstone national park supposed to be and 40% can’t recognize the Grand Central Terminal in New York.

According to a certain British newspaper survey on more than 2000 Americans, almost 40% of them didn’t recognize Grand Central Terminal, 31% don’t know about Thomas Jefferson Memorial and 17% think that Seattle famous Space Needle tower are located in Cape Canaveral ,Florida.

Yellowstone is said to be the first and the oldest National park of the world , located to the West of the United states of America

About 37% Americans ever paid visit to 1-3  attractions , 23% spent their times on 5 or 6 attractions and 15% admit that they have never been to one.

However , it doesn’t seem to be the case with Timesquare , the Empire State building and the Whitehouse with more than 90% Americans know about

One interesting fact is that 9% of the people surveyed think that America is the biggest country in the world (in size) but in reality , USA only came in 3rd ( behind Russia and their friendly neighborhood Canada).

And while 60% of Americans think English is the main language of America,the truth is there are no main language in America.Only 31 states use English as their main language.

Some other results of the survey:

43% know Grand Canyon located in Arizona.

63% know Space Needle tower is the icon of Seattle, while 17% think it’s located in Florida.

40% know the famous Hoover dam is located between Arizona and Nevada

60% remember the exact name of mount Rushmore

70% don’t know about the location of St.Louis church building site (which is in New Orleans)

A minority of Americans think the Niagara fall is located betweent Michigan and Canada

13% think Alcatraz island is in New York and 11% don’t know what is Alcatraz island

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