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Bearing the stamp of the Mediterranean culture, the Cinque Terre with five beautiful little village is world heritage seaside Riviera is forecast tourists flooded in summer.

Village Vernazza, one of Italy’s most beautiful villages – picture: flickr

Overall score of five picturesque villages: Riomaggiore, Vernazza, Manarola, Corniglia and Monterosso in the Cinque Terre region of Liguria, northern Italy, is located on a terraced hillside with fields stretch and are connected by a 42km long coastal path.

The wine-growing population, fishing … but new tourism is the main income source when the Cinque Terre has an important position on the world tourism map. In it, two in five villages in Cinque Terre is the most beautiful village in Italy.

And to discover the full beauty of the Cinque Terre features, you have to walk through the village.

When crossing La Spiezia province, the first village was fascinated visitors Riomaggiore. Warm colors facade of the building to create a perfect color mosaic outstanding on the Mediterranean landscape.

The houses were built on the cliff recess, partially facade stone sink in the sea is turquoise featured photos of Cinque Terre.

A boat ramp to villagers anchor is where visitors come to take the photograph reminiscent of the fishing village built from medieval Italy.

Corniglia and Manarola village – picture: wordpress

Flower field in the village with sea views of the Cinque Terre – picture: flickr

A typical winding alley in the village of Cinque Terre region – picture: wordpress

A corner of Riomaggiore village – picture: wordoress

Access to the village of Riomaggiore Harbor boat – Photo: wordoress

A corner of Riomaggiore village – picture: wordoress

Riomaggiore village is also known to connect the stairs together and lead down to the sea. In the village center, the house from the 13th century architecture was carefully preserved always fascinated tourists …

If you want to enjoy the atmosphere of the Mediterranean Sea, to the highest peak you Riomaggiore village, where there is a temple from the 14th century around the place is a garden with green grassland.

This is an ideal camping site also offers a panoramic view Cinque Terre landscape

The steep stairs leading down to the sea in the village of Riomaggiore – Photo: Fotolia

Enjoy the Mediterranean from the village of Riomaggiore – Photo: Fotolia

The most famous path Via dell’Amore yeast overhang cliff with impressive sea, Manarola and Riomaggiore Village Connection is a point when you have to visit to Cinque Terre.

In the early 20th century, this road was built to facilitate construction of the tunnel for the trains. Later, local residents saw the tourism potential of the cliff path and decided to keep.

Now, Via dell’Amore is dubbed the “way of love” where multiple couples together and walked poetic love of his eternal by throwing the key into the sea after pipe hook lock on fence sure on the way …

Via dell’Amore path love – Photo: flickr

Remnants love padlock on a protected path Via dell’Amore love – Photo: flickr

* Administratively, on steep cliffs overlooking the sea, Manarola oldest villages in rural areas of Riomaggiore is one. But with people, Manarola Riomaggiore while still on par with the one in five villages make up Cinque Terre.

Manarola was voted as one of the eight most beautiful villages of Italy.

The main street in the village of Manarola – Photo: wordpress

Manarola village on a cliff – Photo: wordpress

Manarola village, the smallest village in the Cinque Terre – Photo: Fotolia

A corner Manarola village – Photo: wordpress

Stroll the narrow streets of the village as the maze, watch the house with colorful pinnacles, San Lorenzo church built in 1338, the vineyards … is the first choice of travelers in Manarola.

Night fell, Manarola become more poetic in light glowing from the colorful facade. And will be extremely flawed if you have not tasted wine production Sciacchetra crafts here.

In summer, you cannot find a place in Manarola well as the flow of tourists have poured in to!

Manarola Village brilliant night – Photo: wordpress

* Center Corniglia Cinque Terre is a village situated on a high hill 100 meters above sea level. From the train station, a steep staircase of 350 steps over called “Ladarina” will guide visitors to the village center.

Most houses in Corniglia ladder, has frontage on the main road and another one facing the sea. The architectural style of buildings here are slightly different from four other villages being built low, very narrow and connected together around the main street Fieschi.

At the center of the old town from Roman times, many communities concentrated unusual style. Heritage Romans left many traces on the lovely stone path.

Corniglia is the village green with immense plains, and is the only village without direct access to the sea in the Cinque Terre.

Corniglia, Cinque Terre villages located between – Photo: Fotolia

A street at night in Corniglia – Photo: flickr

Square in the village of Corniglia – Photo: mikestravelguide

Corniglia is the only village in Cinque Terre without a direct access road from the sea – Photo: flickr

* Vernazza, the village in Cinque Terre Wednesday when you go from east to west, the most prosperous regions with structural features focus centers around the harbor.

Parish of St. Margaret with a 40 meter high octagonal bell tower dotted the roads are more colorful house more than brilliant. The fishing boat’s mooring area residents in close proximity to the coast. According to many tourists, Vernazza is the most beautiful village of Cinque terre.

Village Vernazza – Photo: Panoramio

An overhang of sea Vernazza village – Photo: Panoramio

High overhang Doria Castle is the symbol of economy Vernazza – Photo: Fotolia

* Monterosso is the largest village of the Cinque Terre. Since its construction in the 13th century, Monterosso is considered the center of culture and politics of the region.

The village is divided into two. One part is built directly on the sea and the rest spread over the land. So Monterosso has two different landscapes.

In the 16th century, Monterosso enhanced protection 13 watchtowers. Now the San Giovanni tower and Aurora are the main attractions of the village.

In addition, the church where St. Francis was to come in Monterosso, because from this wonderful picture of four villages Cinque Terre region is evident in your eyes.

The main square in the village of Monterosso – Photo: wordpress

Monterosso village panorama – Photo: wordpress

Many tourists come to admire Monterosso slice boulder … – Photo: wordpress

Beach at Monterosso village filled with colorful umbrella under the summer sun – Photo: linter.

Monterosso also include Madonna di Soviero monastery. With dating from the 11th century, this is one of the oldest monastery area. It also has many trails leading to the village center, to satisfy the passion of travelers discover.

Thanks to the largest beach in the village and infrastructure and more fully, Monterosso always dense object family tourists in the summer.

Monastery in the village of Monterosso Cinque Terre region’s largest – Photo: linter

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