7 Korean traditional desserts

Delicious sweets made from glutinous rice flour and fruits eaten by Korean people in special occasions because they are believe to bring good luck.

Gangjeong is a type of candies that is often used in traditional feast and banquet. Made by mixing sweet rice flour and water, slice in pieces, mold into shapes and then dip in hot boiling oil then soak in honey. Gangjeong can also be made from mixing up jocheong syrup with various type of nuts. There are many kinds of Gangjeong candies that suitable for everyone.

Tteok is a type of rice cakes made from sweet rice flour. Koreans often eat Tteok in anniversaries (wedding and birthday). Because of different ways of cooking in different regions, there are many kind of Tteok. But there are only 4 popular kind of Tteok, including: Songpyeon, Injeolmi, Baekseolgi and  the sweetest kind of Tteok , Jeolpyeon.

Yugwa: just like with Gangjeong, you steam the molded mixing of water and sweet rice flour and cut it into small pieces before frying them in hot oil. Then soak it in jocheong syrup or honey.

Crispy Yugwa candy will melt in your mouth, leaving a sweet aftertaste.  At first, Yugwa is only available in the color white, but nowadays with the addition of sweet pumpkin and black rice, Yugwa can come in various colors. You can add in ginger while making Yugwa for more flavor.

Jeonggwa is made from fresh fruits or seeds boiled in honey, often used are  apricot,quince and citron.A good piece of Jeonggwa is rich in colors and has a blurred texture.

Yakgwa is made from wheat flour ,sesame oil, honey , ginger juice ..etc  mixing together then fry with oil , afterward soak the mixtures in honey. It is sweet and tender in texture.Yakgwas are different in sizes ,there are big ones (dae-yakgwa), normal ones (jung-yakgwa), and small ones (so-yakgwa).You can easily find yakgwa in Korean traditional markets or super markets.

Maejakgwa is made from wheat flour and ginger powder mixing and roll up in thin ,long sticks cut into small rectangle pieces folded into ribbons then fry with hot boiled oil and dip in honey. A finished Maejakgwa is crispy in texture and strong in flavor due to the addition of ginger and cinnamon. In ancient time, Korean often used maejakgwa to welcome guests.

Yeot is a type of barley sugar made from glutinous rice flour and have a sweet taste. Each regions in Korea have their own ways of making yeot. For example , oksusu-yeot taste like corn , a speciality of people in Pyeongchang, hobak-yeot (pumpkin taste) made in Ulleung-do island, ssal-yeot (syrup like taste) in CHangpyeng.Yeot comes in 2 different texture , hard yeots are eaten like snacks , tender yeots are to be enjoyed like other traditional candies like gangjeong or jeongwa.Yeot is believe to bring good luck so they tend to be eaten by Koreans before tests and important tournament in hope for good results.

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