40 delicious dishes around the world that we should try one time

Business Insider has listed 40 delicious dishes around the world that we should try one time at least. These dishes are diverse from high quality restaurants to street cuisines.

1.Surprising, Pho of Vietnam is at the first list. When you come to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, you cannot pass the Pho. The soup of  Pho made from beef with aromatic flavor and you cannot forget it when you leave in Vietnam.

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2.Sushi: The most delicious sushi in the world are from Sukiyabashi Jiro restaurant. This restaurant became famous with documentary film “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”. Jiro Ono is the owner of Sukiyabashi Jiro, he is 80 years old and named as the best chief of sushi in the world. This restaurant is quite small, about 10 seats and located in a building in Ginza, Tokyo.

3.You won’t know how to taste the soup of dumpling in Shanghai without instruction. First, you use chopsticks to pick the dumpling up, put it into a spoon, gently get a chomp on the side of dumpling, then enjoy the delicious filling that oozes out from inside the dumpling. Next, pick the dumpling up and dip into fruit vinegar (soy sauce-like black). Finally, put it into your mouth and taste.

4.Penang assam laksa usually eat with a type of chewing rice noodle, mint leaves, cucumber and pineapple. The special flavor of this dish made from mackerel and tamarind. Most of the street cuisine in Penang, Malaysia serve this soup.

5.Doughnut of America is a mysterious combination. Including 1 gram salted pork, butter are put in the middle of cake, fry until it has a golden brown color, then outer layer with sweets. Doughnut is served much in Portland, Oregon.

6.“Conch” is one of the favor dishes of Bahamas. Conch is cooked by fry, steam or mix as a salad. It’s usually enjoyed with iced-beer.

7.If you are the rich, you should enjoy a meal one time at least in Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee. This is the most luxury and delicious restaurant in Paris, France. Menu is based on and changed in seasons. It costs about 500USD per person with 4 dishes.

8.Empanadas is a type of cake of Chile. On festival occasions, most of Chile families make ourselves this cake for meals. The figure of this cake is like “banh goi” of Vietnam, and roll skilful into a small piece.  The layer is so greasy made from rice flour. Filling’s cake made from beef or seafood, olive and chicken egg. Most of Chile cake is enjoyed with a special sauce, made from coriander, chopped garlic, olive mix with oil.

9.Guava Snow Egg – a type of desserts in Australia. After enjoying dinner at Quay restaurant, famous with many awards in Australia, you should taste Guava Snow Egg, made from mixing strawberry, guava, custard-apple, vanilla, egg and sweet.

10.Tagine of Morocco: this name show the contained tool (terra-cotta plate is decorated with conical cover) and the inside dish (Including: pork, domestic fowls, fish and baked vegetable). Let taste to know why it is the special food of Marocco people.

11.This chocolate cake is so famous the people of Vienna city makes an annual Sachertorte national day on December 5. Sachertorte made from sort part of bread and chocolate milk cake, middle is apricot jam and outer layer with chocolate. Sometimes, they add some nutmeg, blueberry or almond.

12.Cheese steak is a famous beef bread in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania State, America. This kind of sandwich was create by sausage stores in Philadelphia in 1930 decade, including a bread cut in half ,stuff with a thin slice of grilled steak with onions and cheese on top. Besides, you can combine the steak with mushroom, capsicum (bell chili pepper), or onion. We put Provolone cheese into the middle of bread before putting the grilled steak, the cheese will melt cover the steak.

13.Currywurst is the most traditional popular and feature in Berlin. In German, Wurst means sausage. In Berlin, Currywurst is always in restaurant’s menu. This sausage dish is so famous that the people in Berlin made the museum named “Currywurst”. The main ingredient of dish is pork sausage, curry sauce, chilli sauce. Pork sausage is grilled, smoked or fried. Then, slicing the sausage cover with curry sauce and chillli sauce. Tasting in hot with french fries or bread.

14.Fish and French fries is a popular meal in London. Despite simple meal, so delicious.

15.Masala Dosa is a type of Indian rice pancake, we can use it for breakfast with tea. The main ingredient of dish is just rice, black lentils. Masala Dosa has many protein.

16.Lobster stuff with bread is a famous dish in Maine State, Canada and so popular in reared lobster area in New Zealand and Maritime, Canada. Cake’s filling made from chopped lobster mix with onion or celery and mayonnaise, adding a little pepper salt and stuffing into grilled bread.

17.When you come to Cape Town, South Africa, you should have lunch with 5 dishes in Test Kitchen. This is one of the most luxury restaurant in here.

18.Mussel is a type of steam shellfish and this dish is a local specialty of Brussels, Belgium.

19.Beef is a famous food in Buenos Aires, Argentina. When you come here, you can choose whatever type of meat you want and the cooks in Cabana Las Lilas will made the meat into the delicious grilled dishes for your tasting.

20.You will have an unforgettable meal in The French Laundry restaurant of master chief Thomas Keller in Napa Valley, California, America.

21.Don’t forget the mixed rice dish, one of the most famous and popular dishes of Cuba, when you come Havana. This dish made from black nut, chicken meat and vegetable.

22.After being experience the adventure games in Gun Barrel, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. You will enjoy the delicious roast dishes made from wild meats, like: venison and beef.

23.Chicken rice, Laska noodle, Satay toast meat in Singapore center. And there are many type of delicious foods you can choose in these here restaurants.

24.Paella miscellaneous rice in Barcelona, Spanish. This dish is mixed by rice, seafood, sausage and the yellow color of saffron.

25.There have been many type of delicious Ottoman breakfasts in Ciragan palace since the century 18th in Istanbul, Turkish.

26.Neaponlitan is one type of pizza in Naples, Italia.

27.Fish and meat crispy fried cake in Mexico, made from Tilapia fish. We roll the fish into thin layer and fry crispy. Covering the dish with mayonnaise and red cabbage.

28.The traditional food of Brazil is Feijoada. Dish made from stewed beef, pork and black nuts.

29.There is a special delicious dish in Po’boys Johnny restaurant in New Orleans, Louisiana. This dish made from crispy fried fish, scallop, chicken or crocodile, then put it into a bread.

30.Lower your temperature with Gelato ice-cream of many areas in Italia, like: Rome, Florence, Milan and Venice.

31.Let’s enjoy many kind of Dimsum in Hongkong, like: Dimsum with meat, Dimsum with beet, and Dimsim with noodle.

32.Arepas con Queso cake in Cartagena, Colombia made from corn starch, all purpose flour and covered with cheese, then baked it.

33.Poutine is a kind of delicious French crips mixed with cheese in Quebec, Montreal, Canada.

34.Tasting barbecue in Arthur Bryant restaurant in Kansas, Missouri, America.

35.This is the delicious luxury meat in Peter Luger Steakhouse restaurant, it is so famous in Brooklyn, New York.

36.We both taste and see gnu from our breakfast table in Singita Grumeti, where is the most luxury tent zone in Serengetic preservation, Africa.

37.Falafel bread is bought so many in Tel Aviv street, Isael. If you come there, you should taste this delicious dish.

38.Let’s join in a pinic in the South of French with bread, grapes, apple, cheese and iced-wine.

39.Chicago pizza has a special tasty, you shoudn’t pass it when you come here.

40.This is a special dish in famous restaurant, El Celler de Can Roca, in Girona, Spanish. This dish is also an option you shouldn’t pass.

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