10 street cuisine in Bangkok

Som tam bring fresh sour taste of green papaya salad, also moo ping attracts tourists by a fragrant nose tingle of the kebab.

Pad see ew
Pad see ew noodles made from rice, sauteed with spinach and oyster sauce. This rustic dish is widely popular Bangkok. If you want more varied dishes, diners can choose the type of pad see ew with chicken, pork or fried eggs. Photo: rachaelcooksThai
Places to visit: Ran Guay Jab Jaedang, Ratchawithi Road.

Som tam
Many visitors to Bangkok to be “addicted” to this dish. Som tam is basically green papaya salad. This dish is quite similar to the mannequin of Laos and Cambodia, but taste sweet, tasty and served with peanuts. Photo: templeofThai
Places to visit: Sukhumvit 38.

Moo ping
Often eaten with sticky rice, moo ping an idyllic street food, delicious. Pork is marinated with coconut milk and spices before baking. While eating, you can put the chili jaew. Photo: Pinterest
Location should look to try: Sukhumvit 38.

Guay teow rhua
Guay rhua teow is a traditional Thai noodles, specializing sold on the boats along the canals. This dish is now becoming popular throughout Bangkok, served with spinach, information, prices, pork or beef. Photo: sbs.com
Places to try: Terminal boat noodles, Victory Monument.

Khao pad poo
Fried rice dish while not new, but khao pad poo will make you think about fried rice in Bangkok. Khao pad poo fragrant jasmine rice uses and characteristics of Thai fish sauce, roasted with crab, scrambled eggs, sprinkle with parsley and lemon on. Photo: Somtumdernewyork
Places to try: Slide forward, 539 Thanon Phlapplaachai.

Moo dad diew
Moo diew dad was famous Thai dishes. Marinated pork with black sauce, coriander and fish sauce, are dried in the sun until the meat hunting again. Then will be the fried pork and served with chutney. Photo: curryfiend

Kanom Jeen
Kanom Jeen rice noodles cooked with chicken or fish, served with salad, cucumber and others. Food is the people prefer for breakfast and dinner. Photo: learnthaiwithmod
Places to try: Ko Lun, Thanon Mahanop, Bangkok

Cha Yen
You can find Cha yen, a Thai tea, in every Thai restaurant in the world, but nowhere have the flavor characteristics as in Bangkok. Cha yen use black tea, is marinated with tamarind juice. Therefore, this drink has a distinctive red color. You should drink cold while father yen and add some milk to taste sweet. Photo: tourism, Thailand.
Places to try: Or Tor Kor Market, Kamphaeng Phet Province road.

Khao niew ma muang
Coconut sticky rice mango is one of the famous Thai cuisine in the world. Food is preferred when ripe mango season. To enhance the flavor, the processing will be given peanuts, sesame and green beans. Photo: photobucket.
Places to try: Night Market Thonglor, Sukhumvit Soi 38, Bangkok

Khanom krok
This simple dessert is also known as the coconut pudding. Flour and coconut cream is poured into molds and baked over charcoal. To give extra flavor, sprinkle the onion cooks will dry up in the crust. Photo: rachelcooksthai.
Places to try: Or Tor Kor Market, Kamphaeng Phet Province road.

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