10 foods you should try when visit Sa Pa

1.Sa Pa barbecues

From luxury restaurants to various food districts to street vendors , you can find grilled Sa Pa foods anywhere.

The diversity of grilled foods in Sa Pa range from : sweet potatoes , eggs, chicken wings….to NorthWest traditional cuisine like “Thit bo cuon cai Meo” , “Ca suoi nuong” , “Com lam”,”Nam Huong”……

2.Sa Pa “cap nach” pork

Despite its weird name, Sa Pa “cap nach” pork is also a dish you can not miss. Tender pieces of young pork meat , aromatic and sweet , crispy golden brown pork skin carefully soak in spices, rich and chewy , gulp in some wines and you’ll fall in love with this unique cuisine at first taste.

3. “Ca suoi Sa Pa”

The dish, made from fishes caught in Sa Pa purest streams. Stream fishes don’t have the strong fishy smell of normal fish , can be roast, fry, grill or make into stew, but the most simple way to cook a stream fish is to roast it on charcoal with a bamboo stick.

4.”Com lam”

A specialty of the NorthWest minority groups , main ingredient is sticky rice roast inside a stick of bamboo. When ready to eat, you only have to peels the burnt bamboo outer layer, leaving a think wooden cover. The dish is famous for the rich taste of sticky rice and the gentle aroma of bamboo.

5.”Thang co”

Signature dish of H’Mong people , “thang co” is a soup mixture of horse’s meat and intestines with some special spices often eat with various fresh vegetables. You can only taste “thang co” at special occasions (like traditional festival).In Sa Pa “thang co” made by elderly H’Mong head chief  is an original and exceptional dish you can not find anywhere else.

6.Silkie chicken

Also called “ga ac” in Viet Nam , is a special kind of chicken raised by H’mong people, It’s special features are its skin , meat and bones are all black. Silkie meat is tender , aromatic, with crispy skin .Your trip to Sa Pa can only be called perfect after tasting silkie meat.

7.Sa Pa salmon

Different  from imported salmon you can find in restaurants in big cities, Sa Pa salmon are raised in the wild, often in mountain lakes. Cold mountain lakes water made the salmons meat fat-free and tender.

8.“Thit gac bep”

When stepping into a H’Mong family house, you’ll find pieces of meat skewed together on kitchen stoves , dried and blackened. Those are buffalo, horse, pig and cow meats H’mong people use as preserved foods. When cook, they wash out all the smell and dust from the meats and stir fry with some tomatoes , bamboo shoots…..

9.“Cai meo Sa Pa”

A type of vegetables that can be found in Sa Pa , can be eaten by stir fry , boil, or used as hot pot ingredients. A simple and most efficiently delicious way to cooked “cai meo” is to slices it in small pieces, smash some gingers  , boiled everything up  , you will then have a warm bowl of soup , fit perfectly with alcohol drinks.

10.Sa Pa Shiitake

Signature mushroom of Sa Pa mountain forests. You can find dried up Sa Pa shiitake sold by local vendors at any time of the years. In restaurant , you can order “chan nam” , shiitake sliced in thin pieces stir fry with meat ,dried squids and special spices .

travelexperiences.info (According to Ngaynay)

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