10 delicious dishes in Texas than in any other place

If you ask any one Texas public about where the food they like, they will say, where they were born with the most delicious dishes. And indeed, they did not say wrong.

Barbecue. This dish may taste better anywhere in the United States. Any travel agent does take guests to this state are also encouraged visitors to try a delicious barbecue section, especially when you come to Austin metropolitan area. Here, at the barbecue shop, diners have to wait in long queues enjoy dishes this.

Cream cheese Queso. It has a special taste when you put in bold tongue. Even writer Megan Renart – a slight eat confessed, for the first time to the capital of Austin, he was knocked out by this dish. He ate it constantly and cannot eat as soup. Demonstrate that this dish enticing taste how.

Vodka. Unlike in other parts vodka, vodka region brings flavor and slippery, not peppery or bitter. If you want deep sleep should be sipped vodka in the state. Vodka here with such a special flavor because it is distilled in its own factory located on the outskirts of Austin, but not importers.

Salsa stew. If to Texas without eating chips and salsa as you are yet to come. In Texas, interesting dishes are quite diverse salsa and similar dishes that do not have any food. It is renowned as specialty here so groceries and bottled for sale to guests traveling.

Tex-Mex dishes. You will not be disappointed when I tried this dish because it originates from Mexico, but as it has turned out to Texas can be a good food than the original. If you do not know buy here, please visit Frida restaurant in McAllen, has been ranked 100 restaurants in South Texas.

Wine. Maybe no one believed wines Napa Wine Trail is the new Texas. But only if that today is enjoying new wines taste scrumptious. Texas is home winemaking 5th largest in the US, here there are more than 275 wine-producing factories, including 13 factories winning US Highway 290.

Gravy Sauce. Gravy Sauce was the favorite of all time, the formula created it spread around the world. You can find it in sauces anywhere in Texas. Even the weekend califfornia longer or had to Texas to enjoy additional food this greasy sauce.

Chicken fried steak. Chicken will be dipped in flour and deep fried. Chicken fried steak is not just knock out the taste of the people of Texas that California residents could not resist. This dish in any restaurant in Texas yet also delicious.

Fried butter. Like all the southern states of America, butter fried specials are always popular, but to find the standard fried butter flavor, you should go to Texas. Restaurant The State Fair is a mecca for fried foods such as fried butter, fried shrimp, fried chicken …

Pizza. This dish is not the first dish you remember when they think about Texas, but it is unique in that is different from all the pizzas in the world with platform particularly delicious barbecue. Go to Texas, you try this special pizza at Home Slice Pizza shop offline.

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